The services offered are tailor made according to clients needs and it is always ensured that the solutions given are performed with skill and professionalism.

Assurance Services

The Audit and Assurance department of Finanz-Audit Limited ensures that companies are managing financial risk effectively and that company financial statements provide accurate financial information to the shareholders and third party users.


Services include:


  • • Provision of Statutory Audit for companies registered in Malta
  • • Preparation of Financial Statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs)
  • • Audit reports in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA)
  • • Preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements in accordance with IFRSs
  • • Preparation of Financial Statements for Non-Profit Organisations

Income Tax Services

Finanz-Audit Limited offers Taxation Services to Companies and individuals. Taking into consideration the Maltese Taxation Law, in combination with Double Tax Treaties available to Maltese Companies, and the EU directives, we provide advice and guidance on various tax matters and assistance for effective tax planning.


Services include:


  • • Tax Planning of International Business Companies
  • • Set up of a Group Structure based on the tax planning of a group of companies
  • • Obtaining tax rulings from the Commissioner of Income Tax in order to ensure the effective use of Companies within their Group structures.

On Personal Taxation matters services include:


  • • Tax Planning for individuals
  • • Advice on personal taxation applicable in Malta based on the Maltese Taxation Law
  • • Obtaining Tax Residence Certificates for companies and individuals
  • • Vat Services


Advice is offered for minimization of VAT exposure of clients. VAT administration services for the VAT returns, communication with VAT authorities, agreement of disputed assessments, etc are also offered.

Financial Services and Compliance

Services are provided that enable companies to use the strength of their organizations (Company Valuations), complete business deals (Feasibility of New Ventures, Valuation of Target Companies), ensure that companies are in compliance with specific legislation within the sector of operation, asses and manage risk and adopt any changes in legislation.

Internal Audit Services

Finanz-Audit Limited has broad experience in offering internal audit services for the majority of industry sectors.


Internal Audit Services include:


  • • the exercise of special investigations on detection of fraud
  • • corporate governance services
  • • the preparation and documentation of internal procedures and processes in accordance with client needs and in accordance with regulatory bodies’ requirements
  • • the design and implementation of internal audit programs
  • • the preparation of internal audit reports for management use and for company internal audit committees.

IFRS Advice Desk

Advice on the accounting treatment of various transactions and on the impact on the financial statements of the company, when adopting an accounting policy or on performing a specific accounting transaction can be provided.


Accounting and Financial Statements Preparation Services


  • • Accounting Services

Services for the maintenance of proper accounting records in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations are offered. Management Reports can be prepared in accordance with client needs.


  • • Financial Statements Preparation

Financial statements preparation services are available to companies that would like their accounting service provider to prepare the financial statements of the Company in accordance with IFRSs and to assist the auditors of the Company.