‘People’ at Finanz-Audit Limited

Finanz-Audit Limited most valuable asset is its people and is proud of the quality of services offered to its clients. The quality in its services is achieved through Continuous Professional Development, Empowerment of its Employees, Extensive Training and Investment in these ‘high-caliber’ people.

Our Human Resource Capital

In Finanz-Audit Ltd the Human Capital is the most important asset contributing to the company’s growth. All of our Human Capital consists of academically educated and qualified individuals in various fields, depending on their position in the company. Our people are valued, supported, and encouraged to succeed. We commit to develop their talents and potentials within our Company.

Why Choose Finanz-Audit Limited

Finanz-Audit Ltd’s clientele is growing in a fast pace in the last years. Our business is depended to our human resources so out members of staff increases proportionate.

In Finanz-Audit Ltd, there is no single career path. The path that you choose to follow is limited only by your own choices. In our company, you will have the chance to gain a broad experience from different industries. Our high-performance environment usually brings out the best in bright and motivated people.

ACCA Training Scheme

Finanz-Audit Limited has attained the ACCA Approved Employer Status as a subsidiary of K.Treppides & Co Limited:


* ACCA Approved Platinum Employer – Trainee Development, Platinum status, in recognition of the support provided to ACCA trainees working towards the ACCA Qualification.


* ACCA Approved CPD Employer – Professional Development, in recognition of the continuing professional development CPD opportunities provided to ACCA members.

Training Contract:

To qualify as a Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) the selected candidate must undertake a 3-year training program, under a 5 contract with Finanz-Audit Limited.


Over the period of the 3-year training program, Finanz-Audit Limited covers all expenses for the Trainees’ first attempt in each examination.


Application Form

Applications are accepted throughout the year.  The form can be downloaded from our website.


For any further inquires please contact [email protected]


We will be ‘delighted’ to have you with us, so Good Luck with your applications!